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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  February 8, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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weather is moving into maryland. and it could get messy. light fall this afternoon in westminster county. right now, only on the grassy services. so count your blessing. here's a live look over sky eye chopper 13, over northern parkway and perring parkway. you and -- can see -- that right now. meteorologist bernadette woods and tim williams are tracking the storm. >> think back a few days ago, when we had a system that dumped winter weather across the northern tier of the state. this is almost identical to that system as it moves across the region. some of the lighter colors you see here are just light bands of rain and snow that are moving across some of the
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leading edges of this, as you see right around baltimore city. not even making it to the ground. but where you see some of these heavier bands dictated by where the air is the coldest, we're seeing light snow, and light rain. and that will be the case throughout the afternoon. as a result, we have winter weather advisories in effect all the way out to garrett county. some of the higher amounts being in higher elevations out toward the west. this is in effect until 8:00. a winter weather advisory in effect, when snow and winter weather is expected to possibly impact travel around the area. to possibly dictate what is a. going on in the sky and what's falling on the ground. for a little more on that, we want to send it out to meteorologist bernadette woods. >> it's been above freezing. and temperatures, even though it's coming down as flurries right now, the roads are just about wet. that's about it. from hagerstown, north and west. we've seen the temperatures drop, even though it's 35 now
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in cumberland. so it's a better chance, the farther north and west you go. we've had this map. for the city, it has been dropped from the advisory. and we're looking at maybe, at most, a fleshy coating as we head into the evening, late evening hours, when the sun does set. north and west of that, is where we could see a little bit more. even though we could be showing you these accumulations. they'll be on the grass, on the trees because the ground has been so warm lately. there are more concerns. we'll have that coming up in the forecast. >> all right, bernadette. thank you. our first warning weather coverage continues. weijia jiang with more on the snow preps around the state. >> a blast of snow whipped around sky eye chopper 13 in hampstead, carroll county, which got hammered during the first round of the quick-moving storm. in westminster, it fell fast, too. >> it's just been so warm. and the weather is crazy. one day it's warm, the next day
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it's freezing outside. >> don't be fooled by mother nature. >> reporter: that's the warning from state highway planners who started sending troops out tuesday. they splashed the salt brine but say serious traffic jams and accidents could still be in the forecast. >> a lot of folks go out with tread that is barely a tread on there anymore. and they're not able to get up hills. and that causes congestion. causes really dangerous conditions. >> why many drivers are bracing for the worst. >> ice. slippery roads. and the black top, you say. you know? you can have accidents. >> people don't know how to drive in the snow half the time. honestly, i hope that they get people out here to keep the roads clear. >> reporter: in fact, crews will remain out salting roadways well into the night and urge you to have a plan in case the storm develops even more. >> if you see the conditions deteriorate even more, don't think that you will get home in an hour or whatever the normal time. leave early. >> reporter: weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> how is the weather affecting the rush hour ride home?
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let's check in with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. take it away, kristy. >> hi, mary. hi, everyone. it is definitely having its impact. starting with the beltway. a 25-minute delay from the top side inner loop. around harford road. north side outer loop, not doing much better. another 25 minutes expected there from bel air to harford road. if you're traveling on the west side inner loop, a stop-and-go there, past liberty road. average speed at this point, only about 40 miles per hour. and as far as accidents go, on the southwest side of the outer loop, we have an accident there, involving a tractor- trailer. another accident, westbound pulaski, past rothfield boulevard. joppa in the joppatowne area. bel air road at jerusalem. and also orleans street at south caroline. let's take a live look as you can see, not a bad drive there. 83 south of old pimlico road. we had an accident that just cleared up in that region. this traffic report is brought
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to you by the cochran firm. if you or someone you know has suffered a personal injury, call 1-800-the firm. stay with wjz for complete coverage of the storms. for delays and a live look at radar, log onto at any time. a jury is seated in the yeardley love murder trial and opening arguments are under way. denise is in the newsroom with more from charlottesville. >> seven men, seven women and two alternates are seated. in opening arguments today, prosecutors discussed angry e- mails huguely sent to yeardley love prior to her death. one sent two days before her murder read, and i quote, "i should have killed you." he is pleading not guilty to love's 2010 murder. huguely said he shook love during an argument and her head hit the wall several times.
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the state medical examiner says she died of trauma to the head. >> adam may is in the charlottesville courtroom. we'll have live reportsa the 5:00 and 6:00. a frantic social worker pleads with 911 operators just seconds before josh powell killed himself and his boys in a house explosion in washington state. manuel gallegus reports with a heartbreaking audio tape. >> reporter: a social worker was the first to alert police that something was wrong at josh powell's home. >> i'm on a supervised visitation for a court-ordered visit. and something really weird has happened. >> reporter: elizabeth griffin hall tells the 911 operator that 7-year-old charlie and 5- year-old braden, were one step ahead of her, when powell slammed the door on her. >> i could hear one of the kids crying. but he still wouldn't let me in. >> reporter: griffin-hall gets frustrate while ed while-- frustrated while waiting for police. >> how long will it be? >> i don't know, ma'am.
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police have to respond first to things that are life- threatening. >> this could be life- threatening. he went to court to get his kids back and i'm afraid for their lives. >> reporter: police say he used gasoline to blow up the house. >> he exploded the house. he blew up the house and the kids. >> the kids and the father were in the house? >> yes! yes, he slammed the door in my face. so i kept knocking. i thought it was a mistake. i kept knocking. then i called 911. >> reporter: powell also sent an e-mail to his sister that day, indicating he may do something drastic. >> he said something about he can't live without his sons. and i'm not afraid of him. he'd never hurt me. i'm afraid for the kids. >> reporter: powell was the main person of interest in the 2009 disappearance of the boys' mother susan, in utah. >> poors county sheriff's --
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pierce county sheriff's say the police should have been sent quicker. still, they do not believe a quicker dispatch should have -- would have saved the boys' lives. the penn state scandal making some maryland lawmakers think ahead. state senator nancy jacobs is introducing a bill to make not reporting abuse a crime. now, late penn state coach joe paterno was highly criticized for not doing more after jerry sandusky's alleged behavior was brought to his attention. sandusky is awaiting trial on 52 child sex abuse charges. hear more at 6:00. rick santorum is back. the conservative candidate won all three gop nom -- nominations last night. >> reporter: rick santorum is taking his conservative message to texas, riding a wave of momentum. >> i'm the candidate who understands how america works. >> wow. >> reporter: santorum sent a
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jolt through the gop with a stunning three-state sweep. >> conservativism is alive and well in missouri and minnesota. >> the former pennsylvania senator also won in colorado, where mitt romney was favored. santorum's hat trick exposes romney's problem winning over voters. but the former massachusetts governor remains confident. he still has the most money and a big lead in delegates already awarded. >> i want to congratulate senator santorrum, wish him the very best. we'll continue running down the road. but i expect to be your nominee with your help. >> reporter: santorum could hurt newt gingrich the most. he has been campaigning as the conservative to mitt romney. >> reporter: gingrich stayed out of sight tuesday night. he is in ohio for the second day in a row. >> i wanted to come see how you manufacturer, remind the news
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media and others that manufacturing in america can be the dominant system in the world. >> reporter: ron paul was pleased with his showing tuesday. the texas congressman finished second in minnesota. but he is the only candidate still left in the race without one caucus or primary win. in washington, susan mcginnis, wjz eyewitness news. rick santorum will need money to stay competitive with mitt romney. santorum says in the last two weeks, his campaign has had its best fundraising so far. last night, they received more than a quarter million dollars in donations. high school seniors score highest in the nation in the advanced placement program. nearly 28% of maryland students scored three or higher on at least one ap exam. and that's up over a point and a half over last year. this comes over the reports over the nation. we have smart kids here. >> we do. still ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00.
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a maryland school board calls the flyer reprehensible. so why do they have to distribute them to students? the controversy tonight in montgomery county. a woman drowns in a public pool and is left under the water for days. will two former pool managers be found guilty in her death? i'm alex demetrick. coming up, keeping milk say in maryland. that story as eyewitness news continues. more on the mix of snow and rain falling across the region. stick around for more on the winter weather advisory in your updated first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we have breaking news to report to you right now. let's go to sky eye chopper 13 and captain mike perry with more. what's going on? >> a really nasty accident, kai. pretty much the same as it was yesterday. this is northbound bel air road, just north of forage
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road. a two-car collision, a head-on crash. one person remains trapped. and that person is critically injured, according to firefighters. medivac helicopter, likely not going to be called to the scene here because the weather is just too bad to fly on the east side here anyway. we do have two vehicles completely closing north and southbound bel air road. fire officials are on the scene at this point, like we say. one person has been rescued. the other person remains trap inside the car. and we'll continue to stay on the scene here and try to keep you updated. like i say, the weather comes up and down here. so what's it's not clear -- it's not clear if they will call medivac. but we know that a person is trapped inside the car. a gunman opens fire in a courthouse in new york state. police say the suspect entered through a hallway between city hall and the courthouse this morning. he then took aim at two court officers, hitting one in the
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arm before the other officer shot back. some workers dove under their desk, says the shots rang out. the gunman died later at a hospital. two former massachusetts employees are sentenced to probation for a pool death that went unnoticed for two days. the two men were charged with recklessness for allowing the kids to swim in pools, even though the water was cloudy, turns out there was a 36-year- old woman at the bottom of the pool. after an 11-day shutdown, a pennsylvania dairy is allowed to reopen, after raw milk it sold sickened 43 people, four here in maryland. alex demetrick reports, the risk of becoming sick is whyed why maryland bans the sale of raw milk. >> i would be fine with raw milk, if someone could make it as safe as my pastirized milk is. the dilemmy a is no -- dilemma is no one ca
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-- can. >> 43 cases have been traced back to this raw milk dairy. it produced fever and diarrhea in four. those cases. >> what's wrong with raw milk? and i say, it's just like water. i drink tons of water, but i wouldn't necessarily go down to the potomac and drink it right out of the potomac. >> reporter: here's why. milk comes out of a to you at 110 degrees. and the longer it stays warm, the greater the chance for harmful bacteria to grow. so they immediately move it into huge cooling tanks where it is lowered. then shipped where it is pastirized and bottled. >> reporter: besides state law banning raw milk sales, there is also the liability if someone should become ill. >> it only takes one incident for a noninsurable problem to lose your problem. -- farm. >> reporter: alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news.
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>> pennsylvania's health department reports seven disease outbreaks linked to raw milk since 2006. another good day on wall street. [ stock bells ringing ] >> all the markets finished in positive territory. nasdaq is up 6. dow up 12. let's go to cbs money watch. >> reporter: stocks invest as investors wait to seal the deal that would prevent the country from defaulting on its debt. leaders will meet in brussels to discuss a second massive bailout for greece. americans are borrowing and pulling out the plastic more. consumer borrowing rose $19 billion in december. much of that was spent on credit card purchases and school and auto loans. shares in caesar entertainment shot up on their first day of trading. the las vegas company went public on the nasdaq and
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operates on the caesar's and horse shoe brands. several companies, including ralph lauren and supermarket chain whole foods are reporting strong earnings. analysts say it's another am tao sign that wealthy shoppers are continuing to spend. and mcdonald's says the new chicken mcbites helped sales jump nearly 7% last month. the world's biggest hamburger chain also says customers spent more on breakfast items and beverages. that's your money watch. for more, go to in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. maryland-based romance novelist, noria roberts is once again opening up her wallet for daniel college. this time, she's donating to the school. roberts donated a similar grant last year. well, coming up on wjz, eyewitness news at 4:00, spare the rod and spoil the child? a new study may change the way you feel about spanking your
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children. making travel easier. the test program to get through airport security faster is expanding. a winter weather advisory is in effect. your fute commute and getting to evening activities is affected. meteorologist bernadette woods is updating your first warning weather forecast. wjz is always on. for the top stories, instant updates and first warning weather all the time, click ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. it looks like a haze. but it really is light snow showers in places. and some rain as well. is that right, tim? did i give your weather forecast? >> kai and mary, back to you. [ laughter ] >> we're looking at the same weather scenario. winter keeps trying to come in. but it is like what we had before. parts of the area had rain, parts of the area had mix. no matter where you are, the bands are pretty light. spanning here in the northern part of the state. elkton right on over toward
4:24 pm
western maryland. and mostly rain from the southern portion of the beltway, right on down. so as we take a look at what is really the different form of the precipitation, let's take a look. the colors really tell the story. we have clouds leading the way. the green is the rain. the temperatures are really dictating what is going on. we have a winter weather advisory in effect only across the top tier of the state. right on toward the panhandle to garrett counties, until 8:00. and that's where the air is coldest. right now, we have 37 degrees in bwi marshall. 37 is the dew point. snow of -- some of the snow will cool the air down. and it could cause refreezing overnight and problems in the morning. but 88% relative humidity. this northeast wind is going to usher in also some cooler air from the northeast. and that's going to be with us pretty much through the night.
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35 in cumberland. 32 in hagerstown. 40s down in patuxent river. and right on the shore. so those 40s give you an idea of why it's only rain from, say, the central portion was state, right on down to the south. but we are starting to see the cooldown across the northern edge of the state. and that is because of these northwestern winds. those are not a huge factor. we don't have an advisory on the bay right now. the winds are really not the issue here. what we are going to see, though, the temperatures teetering. with that freezing overnight, we're going to see more of this snow until this system moves out of here. the low is going to move to the south. but again, right on that line. the wintry mix could make for slick roads tonight into tomorrow. behind it, high pressure builds in. sunshine, blue skies tomorrow. and then our next chance of any precipitation comes on saturday. and that's going to bring with it some colder air. north wind on the bay, 10
4:26 pm
knots. again, no advisories tonight. going down to 27 degrees. a p.m. mix of rain and snow. watch out for some black ice and freezing late. then some clouds tomorrow. then sunshine. 46 degrees back up into the mild air after just one day of mess. >> that's about all we can tolerate, right? >> one day at a time. don't miss the cbs primetime lineup at 10:00. it's a new episode of the original csi with ted danson. then stay with eyewitness news at 11:00. there is more ahead on wjz at 4:30. the fight intensifies in syria. will the u.s. help stop the attacks? federal agent ambushed in his own driveway. who police have in custody. summer stage collapse. several people killed in an outdoor concert. eyewitness news in,,
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it is 4:29. 37 degrees with light rain or snow falling. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about. >> snow hits maryland, putting crews to work. before the snow started. many of maryland's main roads were coated to help ease the evening commute. let's take a live look outside at the commute. no snow. but you could see rain falling as temperatures take a dip tonight. wjz has complete first warning forecast. bernadette woods and bob turk are tracking this storm. we begin with bob, who has an updated look at live doppler radar. bob? >> it is snowing north and west of the beltway. literally, the beltway up toward 95. take a look at radar. far western portions of the
4:31 pm
state, also getting snow. you can see the activity moving off quickly now to the east and northeast. lilt really, you could probably draw a line from about, say, bel air to the central portion of the city to columbia. all south of that line, it's all rain and light rain. north of it, it's primarily in the form of some snow activity. a little heavier stuff now across portions of frederick county. and some of that is going to be moving in our region in the next few hours. also, just as we head west in cumberland, there is a cutoff there. looks like we'll be probably dealing with snow and/or rain or mix. probably until about 7:30 or 8:00 this evening. that's where we could see problems because temperatures will be dropping later on tonight. take a look at temperatures now. the only place that is supporting any accumulation is around the hagerstown area. northern frederick, northern sections of carol. southern adams and york county. temperatures also up near the freezing mark. far western maryland also below freezing. south and east of us, just light rain. temperatures well above the
4:32 pm
freezing mark. bernadette woods has a look at the advisories that are in effect right now. and what we expect from this situation later this evening. bernadette? >> we have snow coming down out here right now. but it is turning to rain as soon as it hits the road. because of those temperatures we saw. and that's why the advisory for baltimore city has been dropped. north and west of that, we have a winter weather advisory in effect until 8:00 tonight. and here's what we're expecting overall with this storm. we pushed these up to the north and west. and the thing is, even though we talk about accumulations. like we were saying yesterday, we want to stress that most of this is on the grass or on the trees because the roads have been so warm lately, and temperatures are above freezing in so many of these areas. but a slushy coating to maybe upwards of an inch in that middle section. negotiate and west of that is where we may see a little more. and as bob was saying, as the sun sets and temperatures drop, overnight, temperatures are going to go below freezing. and we could see some icy patches for our morning commute. we'll have your forecast coming up. >> thank you very much. let's check in on the roads
4:33 pm
right now with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. hi, vic. hi, everyone. things could definitely get a little tricky for you this evening. let's give you an update on that accident we had at sky eye chopper 13. bel air road still closed in both directions. as you can see, it's quite a scene there. the medivac has departed. but expect closures to be in full effect for at least the next half hour. we'll keep you updated on when that area does reopen. as far as the beltway goes, on the southwest side of the inner loop, that is jammed up there. on the north side inner loop, that's heavy there if park heil heights avenue past harford road. also seeing slowing from providence road to the jfx. as far as the jones falls expressway goes, in the northbound direction, a stop- and-go there from ruxton road as you approach the beltway. and several other accidents to report. northbound 97 at route 100. liberty heights at north rogers road. falls road at kelly. and also bloomingdale road at west north avenue.
4:34 pm
let's take another live look. things have thinned out. this traffic report is brought to you by the baltimore international motor trend show. it's coming to the convention center, thursday february 9th through sunday february 12th. you can get your tickets at auto show >> stay with wjz for complete coverage of the storm, for the snow delays. for updates on the forecast, log onto syrian forces are upping their assault on the attempt to oust the president. human rights organizations are calling for urgent action to stop the deadly attacks. >> reporter: children are rushed from a building, after syrian forces reportedly shelled it. this internet video claims to show government troops bombarding the city of holmes for a fifth straight day. occupation activists say dozens of people are dead, including at least 18 premature babies.
4:35 pm
they died at a hospital after the electricity was cut. the european union is trying to end the violence against government protestors, with tougher sanctions on syria. president bashar assad is refusing to step down and wants had his vice president to negotiate with rebels. rebels say they don't want to talk. they just want to see assad go. they met to try to end the 11had-ngts month up -- 11-month uprising. but russian president vladimir putin warned not to step in, saying it's not for outsiders to decide syria's fate. >> turkey is offering to hold an international conference to support the syrian people and end assad's regime. an indiana state builder is cited in connection with a fatal collapse. >> the indiana labor department
4:36 pm
says the company that built the stage ahead of the collapse showed, quote, plain indifference to safety standards. it's a horrible scene. a high-wind storm brought the stage down in august, killing seven people just before the country duo sugar land was set to perform. today, midamerica sound corps was slapped with three major safety violations, coupled with fines. the indiana state commission was also sight cited for violations. >> fair officials were also criticized after the stage collapsed for failing to evacuate the area, as the severe thunderstorm approached. airport security is about to get a lot easier for some travelers. the tsa is expanding its precheck screening program to 28 more airports. now, to get involved, you will have to qualify for a traveler program by agreeing to a background check. in return, travelers are allowed to bypass those long security lines. the program will begin at bwi
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later this year. some maryland parents are upset tonight, about flyers being given to students. the flyers are from a controversial group that believes homosexuality can be cured. brad bell reports from wjz. >> days after einstein high school student isabella keller stuffed the flyer in her backpack, she remains incensed. >> i have gay teachers at our school. we have a gay-straight alliance. we're a gay-friendly school. and to send this out, it's really ignorant. it's hate. >> reporter: michelle miller is a parent and feels the same way. >> my son handed it to me. and my visceral reaction was to tear it up and throw it in the trash. >> reporter: the flyer is from a group called parents and friends of ex-gays and gays. it argues that homosexuality is a choice and that students shouldn't label themselves at such a young age.
4:38 pm
a school spokesperson says four times a year, nonprofit groups have a legal right to send literature home with students, even if, as in this case, the material runs counter to the school system teaching policy, and even if it troubles students and parents. >> i think it is wrong. and the student shouldn't be exposed to such a thing. should focus more on academics. >> if kids were looking for something like that and they knew that service was available and they could go and pick that up, it would be one thing. but for it to come how many homeas -- come home as any of the other flyers in a kid's backpack, i found it pretty offensive. >> supporters say it simply calls for a tolerance of a different viewpoint of homosexuality. new research shows that spanking your kids could have long-term impacts. >> research found that spanking
4:39 pm
fails to change a child's behavior and can cause long- term behavior. kids who are spanked are more likely to be depressed, aggressive and anxious as adults or more likely to have substance abuse problems and mental health issues. one study even showed that kids who are spanked are more likely to lie to avoid getting hit. denise? >> researchers hope this study will put a stop to spanking and lead the medical world to direct parents to other forms of discipline. maryland lawmakers are pushing for stronger cell phone bans on the road. the house environmental matters committee is holding a hearing that would make it a primary offense, instead of a secondary one. that means a police officer could pull someone over, after observing a driver on a cell phone. under current police law, police can only issue a citation, after another violation is observed. pizza bolis pro football challenge.
4:40 pm
jessica kartalija is here to update the final standings. >> we have a winner. and he. >> has not been in first place until today. congratulations to tim williams, for finishing in 1st place. adam in second with 180. bob and i tied for third with 179. the final weekly winner, we should say, sherry kelso. >> the overall winner, brian conklin wins sports memorabilia and a best buy gift card. congratulations to sherry and brian. and thanks to all of you for playing this year. and here he is. folks, may i introduce you to -- ♪ [ music ] that's the final countdown. here he s. -- is. i wish we could say more for the ravens. >> wait. if you're going to dress up like this, come in here. vic, please. >> that's okay. keep him off to the side. [ laughter ] >> i am not bowing to him.
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i am not kissing his ring. that is definitely not going to happen. >> he looks like he works at carl's junior. >> he looks like he's about to have an assembly of followers. want the boost from caffeine, but you don't want the coffee? coming up, a solution. a third shocking allegation of misconduct at a california elementary school. and some weather more typical of february. how much snow could we get? more on the winter weather advisory in bob's updated forecast.
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after the patriots loss to the super bowl. now, several are answering to a judge. riot police used smoke bombs to disperse the unruly crowd. 14 people have been arrested. a new twist in the sexual
4:45 pm
abuse scandal unfolding at an elementary school in california. nonique griego has more. >> reporter: a parent of a student says she caught a teacher's aide sending her 11- year-old son love letters. this comes after two teachers are accused of misconduct in the classroom. the school was closed monday and tuesday. now, that uproar prompted an attack. according to the parent, the aide sent three letters to her son and asked him to keep it a secret. police are investigating. back to you, denise. >> the two teachers arrested are being held without bail. a federal agent gunned down in his home. police say they have a suspect in custody. but there are still a lot of unanswered questions. >> reporter: neighbors along mehughes landing reported the sound of five gunshots just
4:46 pm
before 6:00 a.m. >> upon officers' arrival, they found an off-duty agent suffering gunshot wounds. >> it was a border control agent. he was taken to eden trauma center in critical condition. police say he was ambushed in front of his home as he left for work. >> it's unknown if the agent discharged a weapon. this is an off-duty incident, not in his capacity. >> reporter: neighbors say they saw a man, possibly with a limp, driving away in a white, compact car. >> i heard three gunshots. i mean, i knew they were gunshots. boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: neighbors were shaken by the shootingful but none more so than the officer's neighbors. their suv was shot through and through the passenger side door, by an obviously large- caliber weapon. armando says the officer lived in the home for two years with his wife.
4:47 pm
he was friendly. >> didn't seem like a person that would bug somebody. other than that, i mean, really, really i wouldn't know why someone would want to target him. ore if that's what -- or if that's what it was. >> that was len ramirez reporting. police have no motive for the shooting. >> police are settling a suit brought a man beaten during a traffic stop. it happened in october 2010. you can see the officers pulled the man off of his car ask struck him several times, believing he was a drunk driver. turns out the man was actually in a diabetic shock. several officers were disciplined. and the department will pay the man almost $160,000. firefighters use new technology to take us inside a dramatic rescue in california. this is what firefighters saw when they arrived at a huge house fire in alameda county. after a mother and her daughter escaped, firefighters went inside to find three more children trapped in the smoke. everyone was okay. and the family is now staying
4:48 pm
with relatives. >> don't want to drink your caffeine? well, no problem. now, you can inhale it. david wade reports on the jolt in a lipstick-sized tube. >> take a quick look around. and it's obvious that americans love their caffeine. >> caffeine is very important to me. >> nothing is better than coffee. >> reporter: of course, coffee is the drink of choice for many. but there are other kinds of products available. and now there's a new way to get that added jolt. you breathe it in. >> it's a mix of b vitamins that you puff into your mouth. >> it's called aeroshot. it's a company that came out with inhalable chocolate a few years ago. >> it used the same technology. each little tube contains about 100 milligrams of caffeine, which is about the same as a large cup of coffee. >> there's no liquids. so it doesn't fill you up either. >> the arrow went on sale
4:49 pm
recently in boston and new york. we tagged along with the company, when it gave out samples to students at northeastern university. >> seems to be a quick and easy way to get a caffeine burst. >> didn't taste very good. >> reporter: the arrow shot is a dietary supplement, which means it is not regulated to the fda. the company insists it is not completely safe. however, whether you're inhaling it or drinking it, too much caffeine is never a good thing. >> caffeine is the most popular drug in the united states. >> dr. rick donahue, of personal health md, says there is no evidence that caffeine causes cancer or heart disease. but he says if a person is stressed, it could add to that stress. >> stress is a pro- inflammatory. causes inflammation in the body. and many of the diseases that we look at and treat are related to inflammation. >> dr. donahue says many things in life, caffeine in moderation is perfectly safe. >> i like it in a cup. that really make its look like a drug when it's like that.
4:50 pm
all right. winter weather advisory for several maryland counties. and it could affect your plans for the evening. >> bob has your winter,,,,,,,,
4:51 pm
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here's a live look outside right now. courtesy of sky eye chopper 13, seeing a few flakes here ask there, depending where you are. >> happens around here. >> north, there's been snow all afternoon. but the ground has been warm. temperatures still above freezing. it's having a tough time accumulating. but i believe in the next few hours as the sun goes down, temperatures will drop and start seeing accumulation. take a quick look at radar. there's heavier echoes showing up now from frederick to western baltimore county. portions of northern carroll county as well. and all of that stuff is moving off to the east and northeast as well. i think there's probably a burst of snow coming over the region particularly from the city on west. from the city, south and east, it's just light rain, with a little mix of rain and snow. out here, it's pretty much all snow. 1 to 1 1/2 inches of snow. but it's cut off west of
4:54 pm
hancock. that's pretty much the end of the precip. probably dealing with this until about maybe 7:30 or 8:00, something like that, before it finally quits. the temperatures will be dropping. that's when we expect to see problems. quick half inch or more. and on those roadways that are untreated,that's when we're going to see issues. this batch here, that's heading towards our area. south of the city, temperatures staying too warm. 37. the dew points even above freezing. 88% humidity. they have a little light rain and snow mixture. north/northeast winds at 5. barometer holding steady. right now, the low spots. mid-30s. south and east, upper 30s and low 40s. just rain. no freezing issues until maybe tomorrow morning. when i think just about everywhere in the state will get this. north of the city, i expect temperatures to be in the mid- 20s. anything wet later tonight is going to freeze. and that's why we do have black ice issues north and west of the city.
4:55 pm
35 in westminster now. 41 now. it's been snowing to the north. 40, 31 today. this morning, before the clouds really build in and was chilly. 43, 26. normals now just come up. record, 70. and minus 1 in 1967. northeast winds continue to bring rather chilly and damp conditions across the region. but they're light as you can see. batch of rain and snow. followed from kansas last night. here it comes, moving across the region. right across maryland to virginia to the north. just about all snow south and east. it's light rain activity. but it's clearing out. you can see snow west of us, about 75 miles. that's the cutoff. i don't think it will snow a whole lot longer. but we could pick up a quick half inch or more in some areas. precip moves out. sunshine returns tomorrow. milder temps. friday, a front is going to be approaching us from the west. maybe a few snow showers late friday and saturday. then gets cold for the weekend. bay temp around 42. tonight, a little snow and
4:56 pm
rain, watch out for that black ice later. down to 27. and by morning, sunshine and clouds, tomorrow's high back up in the mid-40s. anything that does accumulate tonight will be gone by noon tomorrow. pretty sure. >> black ice. scary stuff. >> keep it feeble, bob. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. a nasty round of winter weather is slamming maryland right now. i'm weijia jiang, in carroll county, with the latest on the road conditions coming up in a live report. ,,,,,,,,,,
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
wjz is tracking the coverage. testimony gets under way in the uva lacrosse murder. i'm adam may. the scary e-mail yeardley love got just days before her murder. and the unusual statement made by defense. that's coming up. frightening find. police found a baby in a trash bin. how did it get there? and whached next to the mom? i'm mike hellgren in bel air with some answers. check in more on these stories and the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. hi. i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> it is a messy rush


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